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Pavement Maintenance for San Bernardino CA Property Managers

When and how often to get pavement maintenance is a question property managers need to ask in order to preserve their pavement assets, but this can be difficult if they don’t understand what asphalt maintenance services are, what they do, or who to get them from.

City Service Contracting, San Bernardino CA’s best paving company, has the latest techniques for restoring and preserving asphalt pavement, and we’re proud to create professional relationships with local commercial property owners in order to repair and maintain their pavement.

Our Guide to Pavement Maintenance for San Bernardino CA Property Managers

What kind of asphalt maintenance services are there?

  • Crack filling
  • Asphalt sealcoating
  • Pavement sweeping
  • Cleaning
  • Parking lot line striping
  • Curb & hazard painting

When do you get pavement maintenance?

As soon as your new asphalt cures! Seriously, a sealcoating can be applied 48 hours after asphalt installation in order to protect pavement and prevent deterioration. Sealcoating should also be applied after minor repairs and before painting parking lines and symbols.

How often should pavement maintenance be performed?

Pavement should be professionally cleaned in springtime to remove debris and standing water from melting snow. High traffic pavement should be sealcoated yearly, but every two years is fine for less trafficked areas. Lines and curbs should be repainted as soon as they begin to fade.

Need pavement maintenance services in San Bernardino CA? City Service Contracting is there for you!

The only way to really know which commercial paving services can best serve your pavement is to foster a relationship with the most experienced paving company in your area. In Southern California, City Service Contracting has over 40 years experience with asphalt and concrete paving, repair, and maintenance. Our pavement experts will protect your assets with state of the art paving services tailored specifically to your property.

Contact us today for a free pavement inspection to determine which of our advanced pavement maintenance services will best preserve your commercial asphalt.

Your Pavement Repair Options in Ontario CA

In Southern California communities like Ontario CA, City Service Contracting is the trusted paving company with experience with pavement repair services ranging from crack filling all the way to full parking lot resurfacing. Property owners with damaged asphalt have plenty of pavement repair options that can permanently fix and even improve their pavement.

Asphalt Damage & Pavement Repair Options in Ontario CA

Pavement Cracks

Cracks form when moisture enters the asphalt layers and freezes, pushing the material apart. Cracked asphalt is more likely to shift, break down, or cause potholes.

  • Crack Sealing – These asphalt repairs clean out and fill in cracks with specialized asphalt products that prevent more damage.

Surface Damage

The pressure of vehicles, UV rays, and water exposure all break down the top layer of asphalt on all roadways, parking lots, and driveway. Asphalt resurfacing services revitalize or replace this top layer of asphalt.

  • Sealcoating – This is a thin layer of asphalt binders and additives that revitalizes brittle asphalt and protects it from further wear and tear.
  • Overlays – Asphalt overlay services apply a layer of fabric and then new asphalt on top of distressed pavement without removing the underlying asphalt.

Potholes, Shifting

Major asphalt damage that goes through all the layers of the pavement, such as potholes and shifting, needs to be repaired by pavement replacement.

  • Patch Repairs – The damaged asphalt is cut away and removed, usually recycled, and then filled in with high quality asphalt that’s compacted to match existing pavement levels.

City Service Contracting, Ontario CA‘s Pavement Repair Gurus

We’ve been paving and repairing pavement in California since 1975, so we have the depth of experience with asphalt and concrete to tackle even the worst damaged pavement. Whether you’re just dealing with a few shallow cracks or pavement that needs a full removal and replacement, we’re happy to work with you to design a pavement repair solution that meets your needs and your budget.

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