Asphalt Installation

Asphalt pavement is everywhere because it’s so versatile and durable that it can handle many different applications from commercial parking lots, industrial roadways, residential driveways, or even municipal parks. The key to getting the most durable asphalt pavement is to contract asphalt installation services from the most experienced and reputable asphalt paving company in the area.

City Service Contracting: SoCA’s Asphalt Installation Experts

For communities like San Bernardino CA to Riverside CA, there is a paving company with decades of experience with pavement installation, repair, and maintenance: City Service Contracting. We not only know asphalt, but we know Southern California and what our local property owners need from their asphalt pavement.

Our Proven Asphalt Installation Process

    1. Site Preparation

      To begin with, the land underneath pavement needs to be properly graded for drainage as well as compacted to prevent soil erosion. To accomplish a stable pavement base, professional contractors remove all debris like vegetation and rocks, then use rollers to smooth everything over.

    2. Base Layers

      Before any asphalt can be poured, it has to have a stable, compacted base beneath it. Aggregates like crushed rock or even recycled asphalt and concrete make up this base layer, and they’re compacted like the soil using heavy equipment.

    3. Asphalt Layers

      Most laymen don’t realize that asphalt is a mix of materials including liquid binders made from tar and petroleum products as well as aggregates like gravel. There are different asphalt mixes with different additives or aggregates to create layers that are stable and long-lasting when cured. Usually, lower layers have larger aggregates and the top layer has additives to protect it from weathering.

    4. Pavement Finishing

      Once the final layer of asphalt is poured, there is more work that can be done to make the perfect commercial parking lot or asphalt driveway. First, asphalt sealcoating is a great final step that protects new asphalt from UV rays and water penetration. Parking lot line striping and concrete installation can also finish off pavement.

Service After Asphalt Installation

Once your quality asphalt pavement is installed, City Service Contracting doesn’t disappear. Our paving contractors are all trained and licensed for all types of asphalt work, and we stand by our pavement installation with continuing paving services to maintain and repair that pavement. We can protect your pavement with asphalt sealcoating or revitalize old pavement with asphalt resurfacing. Whatever your needs, our asphalt experts are here to help.

To start the asphalt installation process, contact City Service Contracting for a free inspection and paving consultation!

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