Slurry Seal

When your parking lot gets old or worn but a full asphalt replacement isn’t in the budget, slurry seal is the best asphalt paving service to get. A professional parking lot slurry seal needs asphalt paving professionals, though.

In Southern California, City Service Contracting is the trusted parking lot repair and maintenance company with decades of experience performing paving services like sealcoating and slurry sealing to revitalize and resurface worn pavement.

What is an Asphalt Slurry Seal?

A slurry sealer for asphalt pavement is a coating made out of a petroleum product that flows into surface imperfections and provides a new layer of protection between pavement and the elements. The coating itself is made from the liquid component of asphalt: either coal tar or asphalt emulsions. While this could also describe asphalt sealcoating, a slurry seal is generally thicker and more protective.

Differences Between Asphalt Sealcoating and Slurry Seal

  • Aggregates – The main difference between the two types of asphalt coatings is in the aggregates, or small rocks and sand, that are mixed in with the liquid petroleum. These mineral particles add substance to the asphalt layer and also provide traction and durability to the new surface.
  • Superior Adhesion – A slurry seal will stick to existing pavement easier than a sealcoating. Because slurry seals are generally thicker and meant to cover more severe types of pavement damage such as wide cracks, they’re formulated specifically to bond with the pitted surface of worn asphalt.
  • Extended Lifespan – While parking lots need to have a sealcoating applied once every year to three years, a slurry seal should only be reapplied once every five to seven years.

City Service Contracting: Local Slurry Sealing Experts

Commercial property owners who need to quickly and cheaply revitalize their parking lots have a friend in City Service Contracting. We’re a family owned business with over forty years experience with asphalt repair, and we value every customer we get.

If you think your pavement would benefit from a slurry seal or sealcoating, contact us today for a free parking lot inspection.

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