Curb Painting

To finish off any commercial pavement, parking lot painting services are key. Curb painting, line striping, and pavement markings are all crucial to turn plain asphalt into a functioning parking lot or roadway. To get the best curb painting services, commercial property owners need a reputable commercial paving company.

In Southern California, City Service Contracting is the trusted parking lot paving and curb painting company who can finish off your commercial pavement with durable traffic paint.

What Do Quality Curb Painting Services Include?

Curb paint, parking lines, pavement stencils, and parking signs all work together to fulfill municipal parking regulations and keep visitors to your property safe. Curb painting can highlight hazards or help direct traffic on both roadways and parking lots.

Curb Paint Colors & Meanings

  • Red – Don’t stop, park, or stand here.
  • Yellow – Stop only long enough to unload passengers.
  • White – Parking allowed according to posted signs.
  • Blue – Disabled parking with placard or license place.

City Service Contracting: SoCal’s Curb Painting Experts

With almost half a century experience with paving, the parking lot experts at City Service Contracting can tackle any curb painting or pavement finishing project with superior workmanship.

For the best curb painting services in Southern California, contact us today.

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