Parking Lot Sealcoating

Commercial property owners with dry, brittle, or worn parking lots may be worried that they need severe parking lot repair services like asphalt resurfacing, but there’s a great pavement maintenance service that can revitalize old asphalt: parking lot sealcoating.

With over four decades experience with parking lot maintenance, City Service Contracting has the right paving equipment and sealcoating expertise to revamp and protect your asphalt parking lot. Here’s everything you need to know about commercial parking lot sealing.

Parking Lot Sealcoating FAQs

  • What is Asphalt Sealcoating?

    An asphalt sealcoating is a specialized mixture of asphalt and polymers that flows over a pitted pavement surface, smoothing and protecting it against weathering and traffic.

  • Why Get Professional Asphalt Sealcoating?

    • To seal over minor cracks (less than 1/4” wide) and correct small depressions on the parking lot surface.
    • To replenish vital chemicals and oils in the asphalt surface that contribute to flexibility and waterproofing.
    • To create a brand new, dark black seamless pavement surface that’s very attractive and a good base for fresh line striping.
    • To protect the asphalt pavement from exposure to UV rays, water penetration, and physical wear.
  • How Often Do You Need to Sealcoat a Parking Lot?

    This depends on how much wear and tear your asphalt is going to see. For high traffic pavement like drive-throughs or busy retail lots, sealcoating should be performed once every year or two years. For lower traffic lots like municipal park lots,

  • What is Your Sealcoating Application Process?

    • Very first is a thorough professional pavement inspection and detailed work estimate. City Service Contracting focuses on creating relationships with local property owners, so we stay in contact throughout the job and center our customers’ needs during the paving process.
    • Next, a deep cleaning of the asphalt surface is in order, removing all debris and dirt that can shorten the life of the sealcoat. Crack filling or other minor asphalt repairs should be performed at this time.
    • The sealcoating is spread over the parking lot surface either by spraying equipment or by hand with squeegees.

City Service Contracting: Sealcoating Experts in Southern California

To make a worn parking lot look brand new and protect it from ongoing wear, professional parking lot sealcoating services, as part of a comprehensive pavement maintenance plan, are necessary. To get the most out of your pavement maintenance, you need a reputable paving company.

For the best parking lot sealcoating services in Southern California communities like San Bernandino CA, contact City Service Contracting today.

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