Parking Lot ADA Compliance

If your commercial property has a parking lot for guests and employees, it has to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, so you’ll need parking lot ADA compliance services from your trusted local asphalt paving company.

In Southern California, City Service Contracting is the most trusted paving company for ADA compliance. We’ve been paving in and around communities like Corona CA since back in 1975, so we’ve followed developments with municipal and federal government parking lot regulations for decades. Not only can we get your asphalt parking lot looking beautiful, we can make it safe and fully ADA compliant!

California Parking Lot ADA Compliance FAQs

  • What is the Americans with Disabilities Act?

    Voted into federal law in 1990, the ADA is a federal civil rights law prohibiting discrimination against citizens with disabilities in several areas of life, but also in transportation and public accommodations. The law requires property owners to make sure their buildings and parking lots are accessible to those Americans who use wheelchairs or other mobility aids to get around.

  • What does parking lot ADA compliance mean?

    In order to be compliant with these regulations, parking lots need to have:

    • A certain amount of accessible parking spaces according to the size of the lot.
    • Special pavement markings to indicate accessible spaces.
    • Signage to denote accessibility accommodations in parking and entrances.
    • Loading zones for accessible vehicles.
    • Concrete ramps and safe walkways to allow access to buildings and parking areas.
    • Stamped concrete or pavement texturing for ramps and walkways.
  • What parking lot paving services will get my property ADA compliant?

    Using specialized traffic paint and asphalt painting equipment, experienced paving contractors bring a parking lot up to compliance with several services:

    • Parking lot stencils
    • Curb painting
    • Line striping
    • Concrete installation
  • What happens if you violate the ADA?

    A violation of the ADA is legally considered a civil rights violation. The law is enforced both federally and by the state, so California and the US Department of Justice can both impose fines on property owners.

City Service Contracting: Your Ca Parking Lot ADA Compliance Experts

In Southern California communities like Corona CA, San Bernardino CA, and Riverside CA, we’re the trusted local parking lot company because we don’t just do paving work, we create relationships. At City Service Contracting, we take pride in keeping our local communities safe with quality parking lot maintenance services.

Contact us right away if you think your parking lot may be in violation of the ADA. We’ll get a parking lot expert out to inspect your pavement and help you choose the right parking lot ADA compliance services.

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