Grading & Demolition

Any construction job starts with a solid foundation, and that includes pavement installation. Proper grading and demolition start any construction because they get the land ready for smooth, well-draining pavement that will last for decades. When getting asphalt paving, grading, or demolition on your property, make sure to hire the most reputable paving company in your local area.

In and around Orange County California, City Service Contracting is the paving company to call when in need of site preparation and paving services. With almost half a century experience in asphalt paving, we know the pavement installation process inside and out, and will create beautiful and stable parking lots, roadways, or driveways with the longest lifespans.

Grading & Demolition: Vital for Quality Paving

  • Site Preparation: Demolition and Grubbing

    Before any kind of construction can start, whether you’re installing a parking lot or a building, you must remove all the vegetation, stones, and other debris that’s on the land, which is grubbing. Demolition covers destroying existing pavement or other constructions before removal.

  • Benefits of Quality Grading Services

    Moisture can become a major problem for construction as well as soil without grading. This paving service involves using specialized rolling machines to compact soil while providing a slope, or tilt, to the land that allows water to flow properly and not erode soil or damage pavement.

Contact SoCal’s Grading & Demolition Experts, City Service Contracting

To improve curb appeal and property value, contact the grading and demolition experts at City Service Contracting. We understand the needs of property owners and general contractors in Southern California, and we can tackle even the most complex site preparation and paving projects.

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