Parking Lot Paving

Southern California commercial property owners need professional help when it comes time to install or upgrade their commercial pavement, both asphalt and concrete. To get the best parking lot, sidewalks, curbs, or roadways, property owners need the most reputable paving company in their local area.

Quality Parking Lot Paving Services in Southern California

City Service Contracting is the one parking lot paving company in the greater San Bernardino CA area with the longest experience (over forty years!) and the most state of the art paving equipment. We can install, maintain, and repair your commercial parking lot with the most advanced paving services in the industry. Let’s look at how we create a beautiful asphalt parking lot.

Keys to Quality Parking Lot Paving

  • Quality Pavement Installation

    From the ground up, asphalt paving should be focused on creating the most stable pavement. Starting with the aggregate sub-base, we grade and compact our pavement to ensure proper drainage and prevent water damage to your new parking lot. The City Service Contracting paving pros also never cut corners and always use the highest quality paving products.

  • Full Service Parking Lot Paving

    Parking lot paving doesn’t end when the top layer of asphalt is smoothed with a roller. Parking lot finishing services like concrete installation, sealcoating, curb painting, and parking lot stencils finish off your parking lot.

  • Superior Customer Service

    With parking lot paving services from City Service Contracting, commercial property owners can expect transparency and integrity from every paving professional they come into contact with. We’re about creating relationships, not just doing paving work, so we provide ongoing pavement maintenance and parking lot repair services too.

City Service Contracting: Parking Lot Paving Experts

In communities like Corona CA, Ontario CA, Fontana CA, Riverside CA, Moreno Valley CA, Perris CA, and Murrieta CA, City Service Contracting is the trusted parking lot paving company. We’ve been paving parking lots, roadways, and municipal properties all over Southern California since 1975, and we’re dedicated to fostering professional relationships with area property managers and business owners.

To find out what we can do for your commercial property, contact us right away!

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