Public Works Paving

Citizens can take the health of our roadways and public parking lots for granted, and even those in public service can overlook asphalt pavement repair and maintenance. Public works paving is still very important for all drivers, but the most reputable paving contractor in your local area has plenty of municipal paving services.

City Service Contracting: SoCal Municipal Paving Experts

Our family business has been paving in Southern California since 1975, and we’re based in Placentia CA, so local communities are our communities too. We’re dedicated to keeping local parking lots attractive and easy to navigate, local roadways smooth and safe, and local parks accessible to all.

Our proven public works paving services include:

Municipal & Public Works Paving FAQs

  • What common problems are there with public pavement?

    Asphalt cracks, becomes brittle, and breaks down with exposure to the elements.
    Traffic wears away parking stripes and pavement markings.
    Potholes can develop where moisture enters pavement after heavy rains or freezing.

  • What services extend the life of municipal paving?

    Crack filling services can permanently fill in pavement cracks.
    Sealcoating revitalizes brittle pavement, covers minor surface damage, and protects against UV rays and moisture.
    Regular parking lot striping and signage services keep parking markings bright and visible.
    Concrete repair services keep sidewalks, ramps, swales, and curbs safe for pedestrians.

  • Should you choose a local asphalt company for municipal paving?

    Absolutely! City Service Contracting, based in Placentia CA, is proud to serve communities in Orange County California and surrounding areas. Because we’re locals, we understand weather conditions that affect pavement, and we care about improving our own roadways and parking lots.

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