HOA Paving

Home Owners Associations work hard to keep their residents safe, and paving services are a big part of that. Your local HOA paving company has proven concrete and asphalt paving services to install, repair, and maintain parking lots, roadways, driveways, sport courts, sidewalks, or any public pavement in subdivisions, apartment complexes, and municipalities.

City Service Contracting: Trusted HOA Paving Contractors in SoCal

City Service Contracting has decades of experience with paving services specifically for home owners associations, working closely with Southern California HOAs and property management companies to complete every paving job with the least amount of disruptions to tenants. We’ve completed paving work in a variety of markets, including:

  • Home Owners Associations
  • Subdivisions & New Community Development
  • Property Management Firms
  • Public Works Paving

Secrets to Successful HOA Paving

  • Don’t Wait For Pavement Repair

    Whether it’s a worn and cracked sports court in a subdivision or potholes on an apartment complex parking lot, it’s always less expensive to get pavement repairs than a full depth pavement replacement. HOAs or property management companies need to have a relationship with a proven HOA paving company to be able to hop on repairs quickly.

  • Plan For the Future With Pavement Maintenance

    To extend the life of roadways, parking areas, and residential driveways, it’s vital to get certain ongoing maintenance services like sealcoating, pavement cleaning, and minor repairs. Regular inspections of all paved areas by an asphalt and concrete expert helps catch problems before they develop, and they can nip any pavement damage in the bud with asphalt maintenance processes.

  • Choose a Trusted Local HOA Paving Company

    At City Service Contracting, Orange County CA’s most trusted paving company, we’re dedicated to improving communities in Southern California because we live in those communities! Based in Placentia CA, our organization knows what locals need from their roadways, parking lots, driveways, and public pavement. We’ve paved hundreds of subdivisions and communities all over Southern California.

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