Asphalt Repair

Do you have damaged asphalt? Wondering what kind of asphalt repair services can save your parking lot or driveway? You need the help of an asphalt paving company with an eye for detail, a dedication to workmanship, and commitment to community upkeep. Luckily, you came to the right place.

City Service Contracting, Southern California’s asphalt repair experts, have the right asphalt paving equipment and experienced paving contractors to tackle any kind of pavement damage.

What Asphalt Repair Services Are There?

All About Pavement Repair Services

Asphalt repair services are always tailored to the type of damage your pavement has suffered so that property owners get the best asphalt repairs at the lowest prices. Here’s how our proven repair processes correct common asphalt problems.

  • Surface Damage: Cracks, Brittle Asphalt

    There are plenty of repair services for asphalt surface damage like dry, cracked pavement. Fillers are used during crack sealing to fill in cracks, and treatments over the whole surface like sealcoating or slurry sealing can fix dry, brittle pavement. Asphalt resurfacing services like milling and overlays can repair more serious surface damage by creating a whole new asphalt surface layer.

  • Drainage Issues & Repair Solutions

    When water can flow into or even under pavement, it causes a bunch of problems, including shifting and potholes. Not only can experienced paving contractors fix damaged asphalt with services like pothole filling, they can also install concrete drainage systems to ensure that your pavement remains stable and free from water damage.

  • Full Depth Asphalt Damage

    When asphalt resurfacing repairs like milling and overlay don’t work, full depth asphalt replacement services can repair even the worst pavement. Your asphalt professionals can fix full-depth damage with repair services like asphalt patching, which replaces whole sections of damaged asphalt from the base up, or pothole repairs that involve removing and replacing deteriorated asphalt.

  • City Service Contracting: Best Asphalt Repair Services in SoCa

    We’ve been in the asphalt business since 1975, so we can take on even the worst pavement damage. As a local business, we’re dedicated to keeping our communities safe with top notch pavement repair services.

Need concrete and/or asphalt repair services in Southern California? You don’t want to let asphalt damage get worse! Contact City Service Contracting right away for an asphalt inspection.

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