Most Trusted Paving Company in Fontana CA

City Service Paving is the trusted paving company in the Fontana CA area because we are experienced in the paving business, and we employ multiple generations of paving professionals. For over 48 years, we have served Southern California with state of the art asphalt services like patching and repair, seal coatings, and line striping. We also install quality parking lots, roads, sport courts, and more.

Paving Services Offered in the Fontana CA Area

  • Asphalt Seal Coating

  • Slurry Coating

  • Asphalt Patching and Repair

  • Parking Lot Paving

  • Petromat Overlays

Why Choose Us
  • We strongly believe that our employees all should have pride in their work so that they maintain the highest levels of workmanship.
  • We work with our paving crews closely, as constant communication between supervisors and team members ensures top quality performance in our paving, concrete, and sealing jobs.
  • Our company strives to be honest and fair with everyone to ensure the best reputation in the paving industry and trust with our customers.

All About Fontana CA

A city in San Bernardino County CA, Fontana was founded by Azariel Blanchard Miller in 1913 and remained essentially rural until World War II when a steel mill was built in town. As of 2020, it has a population of 208,393. It is a hub for transportation and shipping in California, as several important highways run through town, including CA state Route 210 and both US Interstate Highways 10 and 15. The town is known for the Auto Club Speedway and the Fontana Days Half Marathon and 5K run, the fastest half-marathon course in the world.

The fine city of Fontana has a lot to do. You can take in art at the Artist Showcase at Fontana City Hall, a major local program with the aim of showing the art of the locality off to the world. Nature is present in the form of Fiesta Park, Smoke Stack Trail, Fontana Park, and Mount Jurupa, all great places to go to enjoy the great outdoors. Finally, Auto Club Speedway is one of the more famous racing tracks as it is the location of the Xfinity, IndyCar Series, and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Whatever you like, Fontana has something to offer you.

Parking Lot 101 for Fontana CA Business Owners

A parking lot is the centerpiece of a commercial property, the first thing prospective customers see, and a good indication of the level of care business owners have for their property. That’s why you need the best looking parking lot possible, paved by the most trusted paving company in your local area.

City Service Contracting, Fontana CA’s most trusted paving company, wants our customers to understand everything that goes into parking lot paving, so we’ve put together this handy guide.

Parking Lot 101

Start with quality asphalt paving.

The asphalt that makes up a parking lot is subject to a lot of traffic over its lifetime. This means you need pavement that can stand up to repeated use, remaining stable and smooth for years. Always get parking lot paving services from a reputable company with a good track record with commercial paving projects.

Add all the things that make it a parking lot.

A big paved area isn’t a real parking lot. Make sure your commercial paving company can take care of all the things that make your property look professional, like:

  • Line striping
  • ADA compliant parking symbols
  • Concrete curbing
  • Parking bumpers

Don’t neglect the health of your pavement.

Parking lot maintenance shouldn’t be ignored. The best way to ensure that your commercial parking lot stays safe for your employees and customers is to craft a parking lot maintenance plan with your asphalt contractor.

Need new commercial pavement? Call City Service Contracting, Fontana CA’s Parking Lot Paving Experts!

We have decades of experience paving for commercial businesses, industrial companies, and municipalities all over Southern California, so we can help you craft the perfect parking lot, roadway, or industrial pavement for your needs. From asphalt engineers to parking code experts, we have you covered.

Don’t make your employees and customers suffer with a subpar parking lot! Contact us today!

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