Differences Between Sealcoat and Slurry Coat in Rancho Cucamonga CA

Differences Between Sealcoat and Slurry Coat in Rancho Cucamonga CA

Is your asphalt pavement in Rancho Cucamonga CA old and worn? Dry? Cracked and gray? Asphalt resurfacing services like sealcoating and slurry coating are cost-effective repair options, but they can be easily confused. A CA property owner might not know the difference between an asphalt sealcoat and a slurry coat, but the trusted local asphalt experts do!

City Service Contracting: Rancho Cucamonga CA’s Asphalt Resurfacing Experts

At City Service Contracting, we have decades of experience with all types of asphalt services ranging from installation all the way through asphalt repair to asphalt maintenance. We can get your damaged asphalt back to full function quickly and within budget. Pavement sealing is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to revitalize asphalt pavement, but they need to be performed by experienced pavement repair contractors.

Differences Between Sealcoat and Slurry Coat

Let’s look at how these resurfacing processes repair pavement in different ways.

Asphalt Sealcoating

Most asphalt sealers are made of a thin type of asphalt binder, which is the liquid portion of asphalt that’s made from petroleum products and polymer additives, mixed with super fine aggregates like sand for traction.

Benefits of Sealcoating

  • Repairs minor cracking and surface wear
  • Protects against UV ray and moisture penetration
  • Quick curing for minimal business interruption
  • Ideal preparation for line striping

Asphalt Slurry Coating

An asphalt slurry coat is different than a sealcoating in that it is a thicker formulation of asphalt binders and larger aggregates, which creates a thicker layer on top of worn asphalt pavement.

Benefits of a Slurry Coat

  • Fixes more serious surface damage
  • Smooths over a bumpy or rutted pavement surface
  • Corrects grading and drainage issues
  • Longer-lasting protection

Asphalt experts can consult with you as to which repair process is best for your pavement. Contact City Service Contracting, Rancho Cucamonga CA‘s most reputable paving company, if you’re curious about revamping your asphalt pavement.

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